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5 November 2020

Read the latest interview with UK-based artist Jovi Juan on his latest series of site-specific works, Mirror (2020).

29 August 2018

Guest lecture by Dayang Yraola, 'Exhibiting Maceda: Beyond Ethnomusicology', organised in partnership with the Philippine Studies Seminar Series Berlin, and hosted by Sari-Sari, Berlin. 

We were delighted to welcome researcher and curator Dayang Yraola to Berlin to present her recent exhibitions around the work of Philippine ethnomusicologist and composer, Jose Maceda. Read more here

3-4 November 2017

Launch of M.A.P. 3: Archiving 'Asia'

Over the past years, there has been a surge of interest in performance art practices within and from Southeast Asia. Yet, there are few archives and databases of performances from the region where students, academics, artists and curators can access images, publications and conversations happening around the diverse field of performance art from Southeast Asia. In 2017, Batubalani partnered with the independent curatorial organisation, Something Human, whose series of events and exhibitions  M.A.P. - Moving x Archive x Project, explores the relationship between performance art, documentation and archiving.
The third part of this initiative - M.A.P. 3: Archiving 'Asia' - works to gather archival materials on performance art from across Southeast Asia. Focusing on the Philippines, Batubalani has worked to reflect the practices of a number of artists and collectives, and to establish a basis for more artists and artworks to be added to the archive in the future. We are pleased to announce that the Southeast Asia Performance Collection is now available to view on-site at the Live Art Development Agency in London. 

31 October 2016

Corpografias (27-31 October 2016)

A big thank you to everyone who came to the launch of Batubalani's first group exhibition Corpografias featuring new works by London-based artists Lawrence Carlos, Rhine Bernardino, Sorin Choi, Kulay Labitigan and Noel Ed De Leon. This exhibition explored how artists represent the body in an age of digital technology and constant movement. The final works were a rich exploration of light, space and time within the A-Side B-Side Gallery in East London. To find out more about the exhibition's concept and the work of these five artists, download the exhibition catalogue here

18 June 2016

Kilapsaw: Everything Must Go

Durational Performance by Noel Ed De Leon, Kulay Labitigan and Lawrence Carlos

Performed as part of London Biennale 2016. Supported by Batubalani Art Projects.


Kilapsaw: Everything Must Go enacts a confrontation with the crowds, smog, endless adverts, construction, traffic and commotion lies at the heart of Kilapsaw’s concept. In this performance, the artists traced sites in London's 'shopping heartland' - along Regent Street, through Oxford Circus and down to Piccadilly Circus - which were heavily bombed during the Second World War. The work drew attention to how these histories of destruction have been rendered invisible under the boundless H&Ms, Zaras, Swarovskis and international department stores which now pepper the streets of central London. 

5 January 2016


"The Philippine Pavilion is interested in the history of the formation of this world and the state under which it is forming at the present time. Such a process of forming rests on a world of water, how it is fathomed, intuited, claimed, lived, surveiled, and coveted. It is also contingent on people like the Palawan hero, the Filipino filmmaker, and the Chinese President who dare foresee how it is to broaden boundary and to navigate distance. The Pavilion explores such a complex ecology through an equally complex ecology of art..."


To find out more about the works of Manuel Conde, Jose Tence Ruiz, Manny Montelibano, and David Medalla at the Philippine Pavilion of the 2015 Venice Biennale, you can now access the full article 'All Over' by Dr Patrick Flores (originally published in Tie a String Around the World, 2015) here.


Read article 





Image: Manuel Conde, Genghis Khan, 1950

29 October 2015


Talk by Dr Patrick Flores, 'Present in Venice: Extensive Philippine Locality in the Contemporary', SOAS, University of London (co-organised by Batubalani Arts Projects and the Centre for Southeast Asian Studies, SOAS)


We were delighted to host Dr Patrick Flores in London and to hear his fascinating talk on the curation of the Philippine Pavilion at the 2015 Venice Bienale. 

24 July 2015

Launch of Batubalani at the Philippine Embassy of London


We extend our thanks to the Philippine Embassy of London who hosted the launch of Batubalani and to everyone who came to this memorable evening.

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