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Eva Bentcheva

Eva is an art historian and curator. She has a PhD in Art History from SOAS, University of London. Her research focuses on transnational performance  and conceptual art practices, particularly connecting Asia and Europe. She is currently a Postdoctoral Fellow of the Paul Mellon Centre for Studies in British Art. In 2018-19, she was the Goethe-Institut Postdoctoral Fellow at Haus der Kunst in Munich where she co-curated the exhibition 'Archives in Residence: Southeast Asia Performance Collection' and organised the symposium 'Pathways of Performativity in Contemporary Southeast Asian Art'. She was previously a Visiting Research Fellow (2016) and Adjunct Researcher (2017-18) for the Tate Research Centre: Asia, with a focus on conceptual and performative practices in Philippine art during the 1960s-80s. 

Noel Ed De Leon

Noel Ed De Leon is a visual and performance art whose practice spans archiving, installation and live art. His work explores the themes of history and memory, engaging with questions of how historical conflicts, migrations and exchanges may be traced through surviving historical objects. His installations and performances have  been featured in group exhibitions, including Corpografias (2016) at the A-Side B-Side Gallery in London, Should the World Break In (2017) at the Fundación Joan Miró in Barcelona, M.A.P. Archiving Asia (2017) at the Live Art Development Agency in London, UnAuthorised Medium! (2018) at Framer Framed in Amsterdam, Archives in Residence: Southeast Asia Performance Collection (2019) at the Haus der Kunst in Munich Germany. His practice was also the subject of two major solo exhibitions Tokens of a Time Gone By: Reanimating History as Art (2014) curated by Eva Bentcheva at the Philippine Embassy of London and 1,976 Objects (2019) curated by Patrick Flores at the Jorge B. Vargas Museum in Manila. 


Kulay Labitigan

Kulay is a London-based multi-field creative practitioner specialising in art direction, experience and narrative design, and illustration. He obtained his Masters degree in Narrative Environment at Central Saint-Martins, University of the Arts London with a Bachelors degree in Industrial Design. Kulay's creative pursuits mostly deal with experience journey thinking, spatial interventions, image-making and object-crafting; combining concept, strategy and art. To date, Kulay has participated in several art and design group exhibitions in Manila, Jakarta, Venice, and London.


Chi Bagtas

Chi is a multimedia artist currently pursuing a degree at the Central Saint Martins, University of the Arts, London.  


Sherwin Bilgera
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