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Exposure of Philippine modern and contemporary art 


We work to produce a long-term series of exhibitions focusing on the history and many facets of Philippine art. We plan to partner with established institutions in the UK and around Europe in order to reach out to international audiences. 





We work with higher education institutions in the UK to introduce more seminars and talks on Philippine modern and contemporary art. We also work with museums to encourage the collection and archiving of Philippine modern and contemporary art.  


Cultural brokering


We seek to connect emerging and established artists with opportunities for exhibiting and discussing their work. While we do not provide funding for artists, we strive to serve as a point of contact and information for artists seeking to apply for external grants and opportunities. 

Artistic exchange


In the long-term, we seek to establish sustainable opportunities for artists, art historians, critics and curators from the Philippines to visit cultural institutions in the UK, and vice-versa.



For more information on our work, please contact us at




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