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In conversation with Jovi Juan on Mirror (2020)

Eva Bentcheva in conversation with UK-based artist Jovi Juan on executing his latest project, Mirror (2020), during the pandemic lockdown, the role of miniatures and social media photography in his art. 

Jovi Juan (alias_ibarra), Mirror, London, 2020

'On the Heels of Forgotten Histories: Review of Kilapsaw: Everything Must Go (2016)'

Review of the durational performance Kilapsaw: Everything Must Go (2016) by Eva Bentcheva, published in Southeast of Now: Directions in Contemporary and Modern Art in Asia, Spring 2018. 

Noel Ed De Leon, Kulay Labitigan, Lawrence Carlos, Kilapsaw: Everything Must Go, 2016

In conversation with Vanessa Scully on Maid in Mayfair (2017)

Art historian Eva Bentcheva speaks with Vanessa Scully on her interest in Philippine domestic workers in Britain, and the making of the experimental 'docu-fiction' short film series, Maid in Mayfair

Vanessa Scully, Maid in Mayfair, 2017

Review of Maid in Mayfair (2017) by Glo Orpilla

Artist and writer Glo Orpilla explores the effects of mixing documentary and fiction in Vanessa's Scully's Maid in Mayfair (2017). 

Vanessa Scully, Maid in Mayfair, 2017

Southeast Asia Performance Collection

A resource for researchers and artists interested in performance art from Southeast Asia. This collection features documentation of performance artworks by a number of Philippine artists. Available on-site at the Live Art Development Agency, London, from November 2017 

Racquel de Loyola, Mebuyan Inexhaustible Sustenance, 2007

In conversation with Rhine Bernardino on About 7000 (2017)

Eva Bentcheva in conversation with London-based multimedia artist Rhine Bernardino on her recent experimentation with performanc, sculpture and installation in the making of About 7000 (2016), her latest exhibition at the Royal College of Art in London. 

Rhine Bernardino, The Earth Died Screaming while I Am Sewing, 2017 


Patrick Flores, 'All Over', published in Tie a String Around the World, Philippine Pavilion, Venice Biennale, 2015

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Manuel Conde, Genghis Khan, 1950

Eva Bentcheva, 'Tokens of a Time Gone By: Reanimating History as Art in the Work of Noel Ed De Leon', London Biennale, 2013-14

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Noel Ed De Leon, This is Not Emmanuel Radnitzky, 2012

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